my art concept
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creation of visionary paintings dealing directly with the essential questions of life. I want to create paintings which show the warping of the subconscious and this by  mainly inspecting my own inner self with its fears,  doubts, instincts, dreams, desires and longings. as a individual and painter i consider myself to be very close to my compatriot franz kafka whom i admire very much. in my paintings the irreal shall appear in a grotesque but still realistic looking garment. powerful colors  are used to transport and  amplify image content and meaning. i like to use colors in a near dogmatic fashion in order to dramatize contradictions and to visualize metaphors and allegories. i  name my painting style  ' sublimating fantastic realism/ surrealism' .
my concept
mostly i' am painting very  self centered paintings which help to sublimate my sufferings with the life itself. the fact that you are just thrown into life and without a firm belief you have nothing to grasp and hold on. all the questions subjects like eros, sex, longing, loneliness, sickness, death and the impossibility to amalgamate with others. the vision of my art creations come mostly into existence during daydreaming , when i 'am wandering around in the realm between subconscious and reality i meet ghosts, images and figures from my subconscious and from this realm they find the path to my hands and sketch pad. i love it colorful, therefore also not so pleasant image contents are done in powerful colors
it is personell
as already said i' am a pure autodidact. my possible talent may  have helped me to acquire quickly several drawing and painting techniques.  such as a very delicate ink painting technique, watercolors, etching, airbrush technique and oil painting in a ' a la prima fashion'. because of the effort required for etching and airbrush i did this only for a very short  period of time in the eighties. i always wanted to paint my surrealistic subjects  in an oil painting technique close to the marvelous technique of  the old masters. end of 2012 i started to teach myself such a painting technique. all my paintings painted from the mid 2013 on are painted in a technique derived from the technique of the old masters.
painting technique