my thoughts  about art
art requires skill. this holds for the artistic vision. the composition and execution’ i’ am a grand contemnor of the institutional art definition with the included  ‘anything goes’ thesis in which each artworlddickie is able to declare that his stinking pile of shit is an artwork. the circular instiitutional art definition was born with the helping hands of the greedie wallstreet midwives on  a stinking, filthy $- pile. for each thinking person this definition is brain twisting and inacceptable. in art there is more then the warhole equation:   art  =   money since a decade ago art and money centers merged into one entity and formed an artworld which can be defined as follows: ‘ artworld is a social economic system of fireflys feeding on their own shit ‘ fortunately under the surface there is still an old fashioned art world living, which loves and promotes artworks with an essence.
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